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Welcome to Ekalaka Public Schools

About Our District

It’s pronounced EE-ka-LAH-kah.

The town of Ekalaka, Montana has an elementary school district (K-8) and a secondary school district (9-12) delivering educational services to the community.  Ekalaka, the county seat of Carter County, is a strong agricultural community of under 400 located in southeastern Montana.  The county consists of 3,312 square miles.  Farming and ranching is the economic base for the area.  

The first class graduated from Carter County High School in 1919. Ekalaka also boasts ownership to the first museum in the state of Montana.  The Ekalaka schools have a long-standing history of delivering a quality education to the students that they serve.  Ekalaka Elementary School has about 91 students enrolled in grades K-8 and the High School has 37 students enrolled 9-12.  Ekalaka Public Schools employs 19 teachers for the school year.  Carter County is classified as a Class C school district for participation in the Montana High School Association activities program.


Core Purpose of the Ekalaka Public Schools

To develop the full potential of each student so they possess the knowledge and skills to thrive in a competitive world

Core Values of the Ekalaka Public Schools

Communication: The district is committed to open and updated, effective and honest communication through teamwork and consistency.

Leadership: The district is committed to a culture of forward thinking and building strong leadership skills to build a strong educational foundation for the students of our community.

Respect, Pride, and Passion: We are committed to ensuring that the students, staff, parents, and community maintain a high level of respect, pride, and passion for Ekalaka Public Schools.

Safe, Positive Environment: The District is committed to a positive school culture where safety and security is the cornerstone for each student to achieve their highest level of education.

Excellence: We are committed to a culture of educational excellence and standards of high expectations for all.

Accountability and Achievement: We value a culture of personal accountability and celebration of successes.

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  • 406-630-1523
  • Mon - Thurs 8a-4p | PO Box 458, Ekalaka, MT 59324