The marking system uses the letters A, B, C, D, F, and I. The “F” indicates a failing grade and “I” indicates an incomplete.

A   96-100%        4.00

A-  93-95%          3.67

B+ 90-92%          3.33

B   87-89%          3.00

B-  84-86%          2.67

C+ 81-83%          2.33

C   77-80%          2.00

C-  74-76%          1.67

D+ 71-73%          1.33

D   68-70%          1.00

D-  65-67%            .67

F    64% and lower  .00



A semester grade is computed by adding up the points of the two quarter grades plus the semester test grade (if given) and averaging the total. Only full semester grades will be used to calculate the cumulative G.P.A.



Incompletes will be allowed in situations where unusual or extreme circumstances exist. The student will have two (2) weeks to make up the missing work or test or the missing assignment or tests become zeros (0’s). The student’s grade will then be calculated using the zeros for any missing work. The teacher AND administrator (both must approve) may approve extensions for work or tests missed due to prolonged excused absences.

Bell Schedule

Period 1 8:10-9:05

Period 2 9:08- 10:03

Period 3 10:06-11:01

Period 4 11:04-11:59

Lunch 11:59 - 12:24

Period 5 12:27-1:22

Period 6 1:25-2:20

Period 7 2:23-3:18

Homeroom 3:21-3:45

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