11th grade vocabulary
pedantic- paying undue attention to book learning
distraught- anxious or agitated
iridescent- producing a display of rainbow-like colors
mottle- to cover with spots of different colors
sophisticated- having worldly knowledge or experience
fallow- inactive
furtive-characterized by stealth
blatant-offensively conspicuous
fortuitous- happening by accident or chance
precipitate- to cause to happen before expected
1.      sinuous- characterized by many turns or curves
2.      petulant- unreasonably irritable
3.      divination- art of foretelling the future
4.      myriad- very many
5.      absolve-pronounce clear of blame or guilt
6.      abject-humiliating and wretched
7.      temerity-foolhardy disregard of danger
8.      precarious- dangerously lacking in stability or security
9.      evanescent- vanishing or likely to vanish
10.  inviolable- not to be violated; sacred
adduce-to cite as an example or means of proof
revile- to denounce with abusive language
insinuate- to introduce gradually and insidiously
pummel-to beat
tawny- light brown to brownish orange
abeyance-the condition of being temporarily set aside
pirouette- a full turning of the body on the toe
reprieve- the postponement of a punishment
 furrow- a narrow groove made in the ground
obstinate- stubbornly adhering to an attitude or opinion
imperative- obligatory
condescend- to treat in a patronizing manner
inane- lacking sense or substance
discern- to perceive
connive- to give aid to wrongdoing by pretending not to know
temperament- the manner of thinking or behaving
profuse- plentiful
lucid- easily understood
flail- to beat, thrash or strike
complacent- contented to a fault
#5 11
1.      stoic- a person seemingly indifferent to (joy, grief, pleasure, pain---emotions)
2.      garrulous- habitually talkative
3.      naïve- lacking worldliness and sophistication
4.      voluminous- having great volume
5.      meticulous- extremely careful and precise
6.      inscrutable- not able to be fathomed or understood
7.      cursory- hasty and superficial
8.      sagacious- showing sound judgment and keen perception
9.      poignant- appealing to the emotions
10.  deft- skillful, adroit
#6  11th
1.      depredation- act of plundering
2.      depreciate- to lessen in value
3.      epitome- one that is consummately representative of
4.      constraint- the threat or use of force to prevent, restrict, or dictate to others
5.      analogy- a comparison based on partial similarity
6.      amendment- a change for the better
7.      slough- a swamp or marsh
8.      altercation- a heated or noisy quarrel
9.      proximity- nearness in space, time, or order
10.  propensity- innate inclination
1.      evoke- to summon or call forth
2.      revoke- to void or annul
3.      subjugate- to conquer or subdue
4.      extricate- to release from an entanglement or difficulty
5.      infuse- to fill; to instill
6.      desist- to stop doing something
7.      stipulate- to specify as a condition of an agreement
8.      assimilate- to absorb; to digest
9.      liquidate- to pay off or settle
10.  contend- to fight or argue
distort- to give a false meaning to
extort- to force from a person by intimidation
accost- to approach, especially to speak to
accrue- to happen or result as a natural growth
circumvent- to avoid, or get the better of, especially by strategizing
conciliate- to overcome the distrust or hostility of
concur- to agree in opinion
eulogize- to praise highly
flag- to criticize with scathing severity
rehabilitate- to restore to useful life through education or therapy
disposition- mental outlook or mood
imposition- the act of obtruding upon another
philanthropist- a person concerned for human beings as expressed by donations of money or work
caliber- competence, merit, or importance
prodigy- a child having extraordinary talent or ability
inertia- indisposition to action or motion
sundry- various or several
longevity- a long duration of life
elation- an exulted feeling arising from a sense of triumph, power, or relief
exponent- one who speaks for, represents, or advocates
1)      explicit- clearly stated or shown
2)      implicit- implied or understood
3)      trite- overused and commonplace
4)      salient- striking or conspicuous (protruding up or out)
5)      jubilant- exultingly joyful
6)      conclusive- serving to put an end to doubt or question
7)      exhaustive- comprehensive or thorough
8)      infinitesimal- immeasurably minute
9)      despicable- deserving of contempt or disdain
10)  sedentary- characterized by much sitting
1)      appraise- to estimate the quality or value of
2)      apprise- to notify
3)      malign- to speak harmful untruths about
4)      mitigate- to make less severe, intense, or painful
5)      corroborate- to support with additional proof
6)      vacillate- to shift back and forth between two courses of action
7)      gainsay- to deny
8)      obviate- to eliminate beforehand by effective measures
9)      vindicate- to clear from an accusation
10)  incorrigible- bad beyond reform
1)      incumbent- obligatory
2)      finesse- delicacy or subtlety in skill and performance
3)      caricature- a picture ludicrously exaggerating particularities of  people or things
4)      avail- to be of use or value (to)
5)      surfeit- an excessive amount
6)      flair- a natural talent or ability
7)      insidious- stealthily treacherous or deceitful
8)      invidious- causing animosity or resentment
9)      adamant- utterly unyielding
10)  affluent- wealthy or prosperous
1)      flagrant- outrageously evident