12th Grade Vocabulary

abase- to lower in rank, prestige, or esteem (humiliate, humble)
abstruse- difficult to understand
admonish- to reprove mildly or kindly
benign- of a kind disposition
boorish- rude or ill-mannered
brusque- abrupt or curt in manner or speech
castigate- criticize severely
celibacy- condition of being unmarried
censure- expression of blame or disapproval
10.chafe- wear away by rubbing; annoy or vex

chaste- morally pure
circumscribe- encircle
commiserate- a feeling of sorrow or sympathy
compunction- strong uneasiness because of guilt
condone- forgive, overlook, or disregard
credulous- disposed to believe too readily
decorum- conformity to social conventions (propriety)
demeanor- behavior or conduct
deprecate- to express disapproval (depreciate or belittle)
despondent- characterized by the loss of hope or confidence (dejection)
repose- act of resting; peace of mind
copse- thicket of trees or bushes
corporeal- of or pertaining to the body
recompense- reward; payment
sinuous- characterized by turns; supple
injunction- a command or order (court order prohibiting an action)
purport- apparent meaning
dissemble- to conceal motives or feelings
vivacity- animation or spirit
manifold- many kinds; having many features

sepulcher- a tomb
azure- blue
blithe- cheerful
profuse- abundant
glean- to gather or collect
prudence- careful management of practical affairs
dregs- residue; the last desirable portion
fidelity- faithfulness; loyalty; truthfulness
peremptory- precluding further debate
galvanize- to arouse to action or awareness

#5 12
incisive- cutting or penetrating (trenchant)
corpulent- fat or obese
approbation- approval
solicitous- anxious or concerned
trepidation- state of alarm, dread, or apprehension
preternatural- beyond the normal course of nature (exceptional, abnormal)
corroborate- strengthen or support (attest the truth or accuracy of)
sere- withered, dry
baleful- harmful or malignant in intent or effect
forte- something at which a person excels

#6 12th
specious- seemingly fair, attractive, sound or true, but actually not so
pejorative- disparaging or downgrading
pernicious- tending to cause death or serious injury
phlegmatic- having a calm, sluggish temperament
ravenous- extremely hungry; voracious; predatory
countenance- the face
pastoral- of or pertaining to the country or country life
wan- pale; as from physical or emotional distress
transgress- to violate the law
ruminate- meditate at length

satire- a literary work that attacks human vice or folly through irony, derision, or wit
paragon- model or pattern of excellence
cant- the special vocabulary of those in a certain occupation
civility- politeness; courtesy
summarily- performed speedily or without ceremony
profligate- given to dissipation
expurgate- to remove obscene or objectionable passages from a text
vacillate- to sway indecisively
misanthrope- a person who hates or distrusts mankind
equanimity- the quality of being calm and even-tempered

1.impetuous- characterized by sudden energy or emotion; impulsive
2.presumptuous- excessively forward or confident
3.supercilious- characterized by haughty scorn
4.paradox- a seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true
5.discordant- disagreeable in sound; harsh or dissonant
6.impalpable- not perceptible to the touch (not easily perceived by the mind)
7.abysmal- extreme; of or relating to an abyss
8.infamous- having a very bad reputation (notorious, loathsome)
9.entreat- to ask earnestly (beseech; implore; beg)
10.sullen- brooding ill humor

1. precept- a rule or principle taken as a standard of conduct
2. exponent- a person who defines, expounds, speaks for, or represents
3. apparition- a ghostly figure
4. allude- to make an indirect reference to
5. sage- a wise person (wise (adj))
6. expedient- appropriate to the purpose at hand
7. apprehension- fear of the future
8. advant- the coming or arrival, especially of something awaited
9. integrity- rigid adherence to a code of behavior
10. prodigious- impressively great in size, force, or extent

1) copious- abundant
2) gesticulate- to make deliberate and vigorous motions or gestures
3) complacent- contented to a fault; self-satisfied
4) facile- easy
5) rapture- ecstasy
6) insidious- working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner
7) appall- to fill with consternation or dismay
8) sordid- filthy or dirty; foul; depressingly squalid
9) paltry- petty or trifling; worthless
10) odious- exciting hatred or repugnance

1)deplorable- worthy of severe reproach
2)imperturbable- not capable of being perturbed
3)diverge- to tend in different direction
4)converge- to approach the same point from different directions
5)garrulous- habitually talkative
6)pervade- to spread throughout
7)remonstrate- to say or plead in protest or objection
8)tumultuous- noisy and disorderly
9)mortify- to cause to experience shame, humiliation, or wounded pride
10) abject- of the most contemptible or miserable kind

1) apathy- lack of emotion, feeling, or interest
2) perverse- marked for a disposition to oppose and contradict
3) recalcitrant- stubbornly resistant to authority
4) dubious- doubtful
5) truculent- disposed to fight
6) assuage- to make less severe or burdensome (ease; satisfy; to calm)
7)listless- marked by a lack of energy or enthusiasm
8)servile- slavish in character or attitude (obsequious, submissive)
9)pretext- professed purpose or excuse
10) cynical- denying the sincerity of people’s motives and actions

1) fastidious- careful in all details
2) exultation- the act of rejoicing greatly
3) superfluous- beyond what is required or sufficient
4) secular- not specifically related to religion
5) atrophy- a wasting away or diminution
6) muse- to ponder or meditate
7) expiate- to make atonement for; (redress)
8) derision- ridicule
9) libel- a written, printed, or pictorial statement that is false and that damages a person
10) inscrutable- not able to be understood

1) cloister- a monastic establishment; to seclude
2) verbatim- word for word
3) didactic- intended to instruct
4) aspire- to have a great ambition or ultimate desire
5) plutocracy- government by the wealthy
6) staid- prudently reserved and colorless in style
7) pedestrian- commonplace or undistinguished
8) petulant- unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered
9) frowsy- unkempt in appearance
10) slovenly- untidy; slipshod

1) audacity- (fearlessness); boldness; daring
2) mendacity- lying; (truthfulness; falseness)
3) deferential- marked by courteous respect
4) pedantic- (paying undue attention to book learning); ostentatious display of learning
5) genial- having a pleasant disposition or manner
6) voluble- fluent; talkative
7) resplendent- filled with splendor
8) proffer- to offer
9) arbitrary- determined by whim or caprice; (dictatorial)
10) victuals- food fit for human consumption; supplies

1)guile- insidious, treacherous, cunning, craftiness
2)languish- to become weak or feeble; to pine
3)wanton- immoral, unchaste; merciless; freely extravagant
4)impede- to obstruct the way of
5)voluptuous- fall of, producing or fond of sensual pleasures
6)intemperance- lack of moderation and self-restraint
7)dearth- scarcity; lack
8)oblique- indirect
9)recourse- a turning to a person or thing for aid
10) covetous- excessively and culpably desirous

1)invoke- to call upon for assistance; (to appeal to)
2)ethereal- (impalpable); highly refined; delicate; heavenly
3)vanquish- defeat or conquer in battle; overcome or subdue
4)obdurate- stubbornly impenitent; unyielding; intractable
5)discern- perceive something, detect, make distinction
6)procrastination- postpone or delay needlessly
7)ignominy- dishonor
8)guile- insidious; treacherous; cunning; craftiness
9)livid- ashen or pallid, or with anger or illness
10) beguile- deceived by guile

1)insipid- lacking flavor or zest; unstimulating; vapid
2)debauchery- extreme indulgence in sensual pleasures
3) precept- a rule or principle imposing a particular standard of action or conduct
4)lucid- easily understood; clean, sane, rational
5)supine- laying on the back; indispose to act or object; lethargic
6)pretense- a false appearance or action intended to deceive; pretext
7)rigorous- rigid, severe; trying, harsh; strict
8)infallible- incapable of erring; dependable
9)prodigious- impressively great in size, force, or extent
10)schism- separated into factions

Seniors #19
1)invoke- to call upon for assistance; (to appeal to)
2)ethereal- (impalpable); highly refined; delicate; heavenly
3)vanquish- defeat or conquer in battle; overcome or subdue
4)obdurate- stubbornly impenitent; unyielding; intractable
5)discern- perceive something, detect, make distinction
6)procrastination- postpone or delay needlessly
7)ignominy- dishonor
8)guile- insidious; treacherous; cunning; craftiness
9)livid- ashen or pallid, or with anger or illness
10) beguile- deceived by guile

Senior vocabulary 20
1.state – dignity
2.transpire – exhale
3.quaint – old fashioned, out of date
4.semblance – appearance, seeming
5.Beelzebub- “lord of the flies” - a chief associate of Satan
6.Leviathan – a huge sea-monster mentioned in the Bible
7.Stygian – pertaining to the River Styx in Hades.
8.protagonist – the hero in a story
9.antagonist – the adversary of opponent of a heroic character
10. antihero – a protagonist (hero) with traits opposite of those of a conventional hero (Think of The Crow or The Punisher)

Senior Vocab 21 
Satire – a style of writing or speaking which uses wit to ridicule a subject, usually an institution or human flaw, with the intention to inspire reform.
Essay - trial
toilet – a piece of furniture, namely a dressing table, dresser
styptic – an astringent cleaner
tome – thick book
excise – a tax levied upon commodities, such as tires, travel, and hotel rooms
ragout – a highly seasoned, savory meat stew
trifles – small, unimportant matters
termagant – violent, quarreling, scolding woman
insolent – boldly and intentionally rude

Huck Finn Vocab 22 
1.candid – characterized by openness and sincerity of expression
2.flapdoodle – foolish talk or nonsense
3.yawl – a ships small boat
4.histrionic – of, or relating to, actors or acting
5.lath – a small, narrow strip of wood
6.capering – frolicking
7.disposition – one’s usual mood; temperament
8.lanky – tall, thin, and ungainly
9.passel – a large quantity or group
10. hanker – to have a strong, often restless, desire
11. chaw – a chew of tobacco
12. vale – a farewell
13. obsequies – a funeral ceremony or rite
14. loafing – passing time at leisure; idling

1) flagrant- outrageously evident
2) irksome- tending to annoy, especially in a provoking way
3) nebulous- confusedly hazy or vague
4) redundant- unnecessary repetition in expressing ideas
5) livid- deathly pale; enraged or furious
6) emanate- to flow out
7) emulate- to imitate with effort to equal or surpass
8) glower- to stare with sullen discontent or anger
9) inure- to make used to something undesirable by prolonged subjection
10)embellish- to make more beautiful by ornamentation

Huck Fin Vocab 24 
1.blithesome – cheerful an merry
2.unfurled – spread or opened
3.sultry – extremely hot
4.couchant – lying on the stomach with head raised and legs pointed forward
5.chevron – V-shaped sleeve badge indicating military rank and service
6.nombril – the center point on a shield
7.fess – a wide horizontal band forming the middle section of an escuchion
8.escuchion – a shield or shield shaped emblem bearing a coat of arms
9.saltire – a cross with diagonal bars of equal length
10. tedious – tiresome by reason of length, slowness or dullness; boring
11. fluster – a state of agitation, confusion, or excitement

#25 Frankenstein Letters – chapter 5  This list will be scheduled when the class is reading Frankenstein
1) emaciated – made feeble and thin
2) assailed – attacked violently
3) irrevocably – not cable of being put to an end
4) satiated – satisfied fully
5) capitulated – surrendered
6) penury – extreme poverty
7) disconsolate – hopelessly sad
8) ignoble – not honorable; vile
9) predilection – an established preference for something
10)chimerical – fantastic or imagined.

#26 Frankenstein chapter 5-11  This list will be scheduled when the class is reading Frankenstein
1.immoderate – without restraint; excessive
2.complacency – satisfaction or contentment
3.cabriolet – a light, two wheeled, one-horse carriage
4.conjecture— an inference or prediction from incomplete evidence
5.adduced – gave as reason or proof
6.lassitude – weariness or fatigue
7.ephemeral – lasting one day; short lived
8.diligence – exertion or energetic effort
9.alighting – coming to rest from the air; landing
10. obliterated – wiped out or covered over
11. bauble – a trinket or small piece of jewelry
12. vacillation – unsettled; uncertain; switching between two options

# 27 Frankenstein Vocabulary  This list will be scheduled when the class is reading Frankenstein
1.acme - high point or summit
2.assizes – commands or orders; judicial inquest
3.bedim – to make dim or difficult to perceive by sight
4.chamois – a grayish yellow color
5.consummated – achieved or carried out
6.degradation – the state of declining to a lower condition
7.derange – disturbed mentally or made insane
8.extricate – to release from entanglement or difficulty
9.obstinate – stubborn or pig-headed
10. indefatigable – tireless
11. languid – lacking energy or vitality; weak
12. precarious – fraught with danger; risky
13. reposed – rested or lay down
14. turnkey – keeper of keys in prison

Vocabulary 28 
1.apropos – by the way; unimportant
2.arrears – the state of being behind in obligations, usually financial
3.boudoir – a woman’s dressing room or bedroom
4.curates – clerics, especially ones who have charge of a parish
5.pathology – the study of disease
6.implored – begged
7.grog – alcoholic liquor related to rum
8.haggard – having a worn or emaciated appearance
9.languid – sluggish in character or disposition
10. paroxysm - a sudden, sharp attack
11. prostration – total exhaustion or weakness

Vocabulary 29 
1.abasement – humbled
2.amenable – compliant; willing
3.auspices – kindly patronage and protection
4.debauch – to seduce or corrupt
5.demurred – to voice opposition or cause delay
6.diligence – characterized by steady and earnest effort
7.entity – something with separate and real existence
8.equilibrium -- a state of intellectual or emotional balance
9.gaol – jail
10. malodorous – stinky
11. miasma – vapor that comes from a swamp
12. myriad – indefinitely large number
13. pablum – soft, digestible food
14. suffusion – to spread over in the manner of fluid or light

Senior Vocab 30
1.panegyric – elaborate praise
2.loo – a card game or slang term for bathroom
3.supercilious – having or showing excessive pride
4.vexing – irritating
5.caprice – a sudden change of mind without apparent motive
6.cunning – artfully shrewd or crafty
7.fastidious – difficult to please or satisfy
8.scrupulous – having or showing a strict regard for what is right
9.censuring – to find fault with
10. efficacy – the power to produce an intended result
11. prognostic – predict future events
12. paltry – having little or no value

Senior Vocab 31
1.appease – put and end to by satisfying an appetite or desire; make calm or quiet
2.apprehension – expectation of misfortune or impending doom
3.comely – physically attractive
4.commiserate – sorrow or pity for another’s misfortune
5.hale – strong and healthy
6.impinge – trespass; encroach; infringe
7.knave – a tricky, dishonest man; a rogue; a rascal
8.plumage – literally a bird’s feathers; slangly fancy clothing
9.sidle – sideways movement; to move sideways
10. squeamish – easily shocked; slightly sick to one’s stomach