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Last 72 Hours

For Beaver Flatts the times should be: 7:25 pickup and 4:05 drop off for Tookes; 7:35 pickup and 3:56 drop off for Mulder; 7:37 pickup and 3:54 drop off for Fix and Renolds with Ronda Bonsell as the driver.

For Miles City Cutoff the times should be: 7:20 pickup and 4:10 for drop off for LaBree's; and 7:45 pickup and 3:40 drop off for Bonsell's. Keith Jolink is the temporary driver.

For Chalk Buttes the times should be: 7:00 pickup and 4:12 drop off for Laughery and N. Elmore,7:28 pickup and 4:25 drop off for Ohlrogge, 7:26 pickup and 4:28 drop off for Fix, for 7:20 pickup and 4:35 drop off for S. Elmore. 7:45 pickup and 3:47 drop off for Montgomery; 7:32 pickup and 3:53 drop off for Frye; 7:40 pickup and 3:55 for Powder River Turn, As always, the B-route may operate at driver discretion. Jay Beach is the driver.

For Mill Iorn the times should be: 6:45 pickup and 4:20 drop off for Stranford-T; 7:05 pickup and 4:00 drop off for Schallenberger, Jesperson, and Buckley; 7:30 pickup and 4:55 drop off at Medicine Rocks Church; 7:32 pickup and 4:53 drop off for Spring; 7:35 pickup and 4:45 drop off for Tooke and Bryne, 7:40 pickup and 4:40 drop off for Beach; 7:45 pickup and 3:50 drop off for O'Connor. Jim Biswell is the driver.

For Ridgeway the times should be: 6:40 pickup and 4:45 drop off for Rucker and King; 7:23 pickup and 4:18 drop off for Kerr; 7:19 pickup and 4:17 drop off for Carroll; 7:25 pickup and 4:06 drop off for Kennedy; 7:29 pickup and 4:01 for Schmid; 7:31 pickup and 3:57 for Moore, Thornock, and Loehding; 7:38 pickup and 3:50 drop off for Strub, Bryne, and Rychner; 7:40 pickup and 3:47 drop off for Pardee and Poppema, 7:42 pickup and 3:43 drop off for Kittelmann. Dave Williams is the driver.

This information subject to change